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Meet the Team

Over the past decade, we have come together to provide families with reliable, quality landscape construction services. Since starting, we have continued to strengthen our bond with each other, improve our craft, and found ways to bring extraordinary designs to life. Allow us to virtually introduce ourselves as we look forward to sharing our skills with you. 



With decades of landscape and construction experience, Mike not only leads in tenure but leads in character and heart. As a former owner of his own company, Mike brings experience on many fronts aside from the work at hand. Mike and Alex have worked together in different capacities for several years and have developed a working relationship built on loyalty, trust, and transparency. Inca Stone is a byproduct of this relationship and the inspiration of the mission statement. 

The role Mike embodies at Inca Stone is only dwarfed by the role Mike embodies at home as husband and father. Mike’s energy and passion for his family are nothing short of inspiring to us all. As a father of two sons, you can almost always find him camping, hunting, fishing, practicing football, coaching hockey, riding ATVs, or wrapping gifts during his favorite time of the year. Christmas.



As the owner of Inca Stone, Alex draws on his vast experience in the landscape construction industry. Over the years he has served as a laborer, foreman, designer, estimator, recruiter, and project manager while attaining industry credentials including ICPI, NCMA, PCIP, Rainwater Harvesting, Hunter Residential Irrigation, Kichler Outdoor Lighting, and OSHA Safety certifications. During this time, Alex gained a unique and experience-based perspective on building talented teams and positive work environments in the green industry. Today, Inca Stone is the sum of experience and talent that surrounds Alex. It is the rooted relationships that have been built that truly make Inca stone unique.

For Alex, Inca Stone is a lifestyle company. It is not built to scale, it is built for those who work for, with, and around him. Great pride is found in creating a company that promotes opportunity and personal autonomy within a group of talented craftsmen.

Faith and family are the fuel for Alex’s work ethic and mission to build something special. While striving to foster a positive work/life balance for himself and the team, Alex cherishes his life as husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend. Alex serves his church community by offering his abilities and efforts in various property improvements, maintenance duties, and missions projects. With a passion for the outdoors and a former Eagle Scout, he serves his local Trail Life USA troop which his son attends. Alex has many interests and hobbies such as photography, art, camping, hiking, music, auto sports, disc golf, archery, shooting sports, and traveling with his family.



A portfolio-building hardscape talent, combined with precision heavy equipment abilities, easily allows Dan a seat at any firm’s table. Dan’s attention to detail raises the industry bar and sets Inca Stones standards. Through fate alone, Inca Sone is blessed to have Dan’s bio on this page. Aside from his evident talents, Dan brings a grounding peace with him daily, rooted in faith and family, his contributions are far beyond what can be seen or measured in our craft. 

Dan’s dedication to his wife and three children is obvious through his persevering attitude and tireless work ethic. His faith in Christ is inspiring and contagious, and his depth of Biblical knowledge has led him to become a published author and resource of historical information for curious minds. When not working or writing, you may very well find him at the gym, telling a riveting story, or emersed in a cinematic experience. 



Seth is a craftsman of metalwork, steel fabrication, and custom woodworking. He provides his expertise and muscle when he is not performing precision welding in power plants in his full-time career. Seth is Inca Stone’s custom tool and equipment fabricator behind the scenes. Inca Stone relies heavily on state-of-the-art equipment and custom tools for production and efficiency. Seth’s experience in the most technical forms of welding has given Inca Stone an advantage in being able to offer custom elements fabricated from steel and wood that complement the timelessness of stone.

In Seth’s personal life, his passion for hunting goes hand in hand in with his desire to preserve balanced and sustainable habitats in Western PA. He enjoys time with his family and makes one fantastic uncle.  His hobbies include custom woodworking, metalwork, disc golf, and whitetail hunting.


On the front line, Inca Stone is an impressive group of skilled craftsmen. Behind the scenes is a just as perfection-driven person managing the finances. Beth’s responsibility to maintain perfect and current bookkeeping has been an unseen ingredient to Inca Stone’s success. In business, the proper management of finances allows accurate and informed decision-making for the growth and sustainability of a company. Inca Stone takes great pride in how we operate behind the scenes to deliver the product and experience we are known for. Beth’s dedication to the success of Inca Stone is unwavering and gratitude for her continuous effort and support is an understatement. 

In addition to the critical role at Inca Stone, Beth works part-time at her church as the Children’s Ministries Curriculum Coordinator and serves in various youth-oriented roles. She is also a part-time gymnastics instructor where her children are involved in competitive gymnastics. Her focus and dedication to her family are unwavering and are an example of true selflessness. She enjoys time with her family, hiking, disc golf, gardening, and family travel adventures.



With decades of experience in masonry, hardscape, and landscape installations, coupled with years of owning his own landscape construction company, Brian brings knowledge and the jack-of-all-trades term to a new level. Inca Stone’s unique trade partner structure benefits our clients greatly by aligning with Brian on key projects to increase our capacity while maintaining our unmatched level of experience and attention to detail.

Brian is a person of integrity and has a personal drive of doing what he says he is going to do. Accountability and reliability are core values of Brian that he holds himself and others to daily. His loyalty to his family and friends is his personal trademark that makes him unique. In his time away from building beautiful landscapes, you can find him hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and most often, helping someone who needs a lending hand or ear.



With a resume that checks all the boxes and a familiar face, Gabe was on our wish list long before the position was available. Fate, destiny, or Divine timing has allowed Gabe to be part of the team, contributing to many roles. His experience in business ownership coupled with a formal education in landscape design will be applied heavily in his contributions to sales and design for Inca Stone. Gabe’s unique skill set does not stop at the office door, however. With his team-first mentality, we enjoy his craftsmanship and abilities on the production side where the concepts become reality.

When Gabe puts his pencil down or takes the gloves off, you can find him outdoors, woodworking, and spending time with his family. Gabe’s contagious positive attitude and deep faith are at the forefront of his character and Inca Stone is better for it

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